TaxiCoName - Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us

TaxiCoName does not sell or give away your personal information to third parties without your consent.

We respect your privacy and have no respect for businesses making profits using mailing lists which are not opt-in.


Your transaction is secure

All transactions are secured using eWay.

When you carry out a credit card transaction eWay's secure eGateway takes over the security and handles the transaction until it is complete then returns you to our page to confirm your order and generate your tax invoice and email confirmation.

We do not handle any of your credit card information other than a transaction number and confirmation codes sent to us by eWay and printed on your invoice.

The data we do store is also secured in a password FileMaker Database and used only for the purposes of managing your bookings and for communicating with you if you have checked the Newsletter option.