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TaxiCabManager TaxisOnline services add functionality for depots web sites, drivers and cars.

Remote service modules are:
• Driver Rosters
• Web Bookings
• DriverAssistant iPad app
• Distance Maps (in TCM)
• Car Location Maps (TCM)

These services require you to be running a copy of TaxiCab Manager in your offices hosted by FileMaker Server on a compatible computer. Configurations must also be carried out at your router / firewall to allow some internal port access to the web pages.

All transactions dynamically interact with TaxiCabManager in your office... No Synching or Importing or Double Entry...

Driver Rosters Portal
Drivers can:
  • check their rosters for the week beginning 'Today'... or Previous / Next weeks. The car number is displayed for the shifts assigned to that driver or can optionally just show a tick (√).
  • apply for "Available Shifts". Clicking "Request Shift" sends an email to both the driver and the depots nominated email address. If the shifts is assigned to that driver it will appear in their roster next time it is checked. Driver emails can be optionally sent to an alternate address.
Click here to visit the Demonstration of the Drivers Portal.

Web Bookings + CC payments
Web Bookings allow your customers to book and pay from anywhere via the web courtesy of our Distance calculator. Admin centre in TCM gives owner control of vehicles, pricing and destinations. Enquiry generated for selected booking types.
Click here (49MB MP4 @ ¾ size) to watch our video.
Click here to visit the Demonstration of the Bookings.
DriverAssistant iPad app
DriverAssistant allows drivers to manage their jobs & messages and update their location status in TaxiCabManager.
Click here (38.7MB MP4) to watch our video.
Contact us for a demo.
Customer Enquiries
Click here and fill in the Contact Form or existing customers call Steve at TaxiCab Manager to discuss your needs.